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What is Headache and Migraine?
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I Know What the Suffering Is Like!

I know what its like to have the debilitating pain that throbs behind my eyes; makes me  lay in bed in a darkened room to avoid the light.

I know  what its like to hope the medication will kick in soon so the slightest movement of my body in the dark won’t jar more pain loose.

I get what I call, “eye-graines”. I know I’m not alone.

Not only have I found out through talking with people, that sufferers of migraine pain is much more common in the people’s lives around me than I ever imagined. It’s an affliction that I hadn’t realized was so wide spread.

I talked to my barber about writing a blog on this subject and he began telling me his story of all the things the family members try to do to help when the migraine hits,; darkened room, meds, compresses…it was sad story to hear. A whole family affected.

I found out too why even one of my co-workers often is missing form work. When I told her about my writing and studying about headache and migraines, she told me her story as well about having to call in sick because of migraines.   

So, I looked in Google’s database and found out that there are nearly 3,000,000 people asking the same question, “what is headache and migraine?”  I was floored.

Well, since you’re here on this page you’re apparently among those 3 million, either a fellow sufferer yourself or know someone close to you who is. The pain of chronic headache or migraine not only effects the lives miserably of those who have them, but also affects family and friends. Everyone suffers, and for some it can nearly ruin their lives.  And we are part of a group who want information to understand  both why we get these headaches and then how to cope with them, or better yet, if we can stop them from occurring altogether.

To help you out, I wrote a report on “What is Headache and Migraine” drawing from articles from physicians from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, and the National Headache Foundation. Since it appear that people are looking for this information first I decided well, get all the essential information pulled together in one report.

This report I’m giving away FREE to anyone who wants it. Its good to know just what causes or doesn’t cause typical headaches and migraines and the current medical approaches are that are out there to manage all this pain.

For now, click on the link for your FREE copy of the What is Headache and Migraine report. No obligation to anything, I just want you to have it. We’re all partners in common with suffering from the pain and suffering of headaches and migraine.

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Your partner in better health,

Sam Winters

P.S. Thanks for stopping by.

P.P.S. As I go along I’ll send you additional information about print, video clips and PowerPoint courses to help both educate and point to ways to help manage headache and migraine pain with my own tried and true practices that work!