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A Complete Report on the
3 MAIN Types of Headaches!

Want To Know What Causes AND current Medical Treatments Are For The
3 Main Types of Headache Pain
You Can Suffer From?

You'll get the essential Information you're looking for in this summarized report of physician's research from the Mayo Clinic, The National Headache Foundation, The American Headache Society and many other prestigious medical institutions from around the country.
This report covers:

Tension-Type Headaches

Cluster Headaches

Migraine Headache

(including the often misdiagnosed sinus headache)

  • Do you know the difference between headaches and migraines?

  • 8 Things you can do to manage headache pain

  • Pharmaceutical treatments

  • Alternative choices in treatments

  • Recognizing emergency symptoms

  • A Veteran's Administration physician Headache Assessment

  • Energy Medicine and pain relief

  • A video demonstration of an effective complimentary medicine treatment that reduces a headache to 0 in less than 1 minute!

  • All FREE in this report

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